Working Together

Like pieces in an electro-mechanical pinball machine, most likely the 1976 table by Bally called, ‘Freedom’, it takes many to play the game. Some parts are the foundation, the legs, others there to make noise when something good happens, some just there to take your money and never give it back. All of these parts and pieces work together so that people can enjoy the game, the challenge. Not too different from a community in my head. Hundreds if not thousands of moving pieces working together to hold one another up to keep working together so people come back to play.

And just like any game, people get mad, swear, hit, tilt, bump, kick, stomp, and cry over the outcome of in this case, a ball in play. Just because the one player is mad doesn’t mean that the machine is unfit for play, it just means it’s difficult, but pretty and flashy, and can really make us feel good when we get a free game or not to brag or anything a Grand Champion score on The Sopranos table at The Foundry Bar and Grill on Laketon Avenue or something. Take what you will out of this monologue, I was just talking about pinball.

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