Team BCR

Mitch "Mitch-A-Palooza" Anderson

BCR Founder / Host

Mitch enjoys all things music and when he is not recording bands, spinning records, or learning to cut records on his 1950’s Rek-O-Cut record lathe, you can most likely find him very close to a pinball machine with a Michigan craft beer in hand.



Debra is a Registered Dietitian for Life Without Limits, as well as Ward 3 City Commissioner for the City of Muskegon. She loves the musical Wicked and knows almost every line to every episode of “Parks and Recreation”.

Levon "DJ Wiggles" Anderson


Wiggles is the newest member of the BCR family and he is not shy on the airwaves! He has a record player in his nursery and his favorite record is Relayer by Yes (naturally). His favorite pastimes are cuddling with his dog Zuma and carrying on vast conversations about the future of mankind. So small, so wise.



Roclo has been with BCR since October 2015, when he started showing up with albums and Palooza and Crinkle started giving him airtime. When he’s not spinning records and making terrible puns, Roclo teaches kids how to be better musicians in his profession as a vocal music educator. He also loves playing guitar and singing folk/acoustic music. What Roclo looks for most in any cut of music are heavy, syncopated guitar and tight vocal harmonies.  So basically any Crosby, Stills and Nash song will do. And throw in some Young if you want to spice it up.


Audio Engineer / Sponsor / Designer / Developer

Todd “Behind The Board” Harrell has been with BCR since March 2015 and is the Audio Engineer of the show. He is an Honor Student Graduate of the Audio Institute of America, instructed by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Audio Engineer, Peter Miller.

He is also a Sponsor of the BCR Show, a Web Developer and Owner of SSP Unlimited which includes SSP Audio Engineering, SSP Concierge Services LLC and SSP Web Design & Development.

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