Mitch has had the privilege of keeping Black Circle Radio on-air for the last 10 years. He is humbled by outpouring of support that family, friends, and the vinyl community have shown Black Circle Radio. Currently, Mitch is re-organizing his entire record collection by ‘Feeling Wheel’ rather than ‘Genre’ to (hopefully) better express his current […]

DJ Crinkle has been the co-host of Black Circle Radio since 2012. What used to be a love for making burned CDs has turned into a love of picking out eclectic sets to spin. When not picking through vinyl, Crinkle is a Registered Dietician and a City of Muskegon City Commissioner. Some of the most […]

Roclo was a fan of Black Circle Radio before being behind the turntables as a co-host. He literally just kept showing up. Thank goodness. With sets ranging from “A” to Weezer, Roclo shares his extensive music knowledge with BCR every week after he is finished with his other job as a Middle School Choir Teacher […]

He has hosted his own programming. He has worked in commercial radio. He was raised Jehovah’s Witness. He is not shy about the fact that he was hired to BCR during Black History Month. He is the master of the faders. He is a ridiculously passionate person.

Of German and Dutch descent, Mike enjoys pineapple on his pizza. He knows a lot about Star Wars and could potentially grow a beard if the genetics were better. Mike has been learning and creating video content for about 10 years now. Happily shorter than Mitch, Mike understands that where we’re going, we don’t need […]

At just over 2 years old, Wiggles has managed to be on-air multiple times, snap more than one phono cartridge, have a record player in his nursery, and have a favorite record which is “Trolls – The Motion Picture Soundtrack”. In his free time he enjoys playing the recorder, reading books, and wanting snacks.

Co-founder of Electric Kitsch with partner Jessica McQuarter. Pries is a record store owner who specializes in Celestial Mechanics, Astro-Stellar Theology, and the Generative Principle, meaning creation out of nothing. Music, which emcompasses all Seven Grand Laws, is also a language, and perhaps the most purest form of the Generative Principle. This is why he […]

A music lover since before birth, Clint has been obsessed with records for as long as he can remember. Leaning especially towards 60’s and 70’s pop/rock, (but not exclusively) Clint feels very fortunate to have grown up in the 80’s, where his record player was his very favorite toy. Shout-out to: RSO, ATCO, VERTIGO, ARTISA, […]

Todd is an Honor Student Graduate of The Audio Institute of America School of Recording Engineering & Music Production, instructed by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Audio Engineer, Peter Miller. He is a full time Audio Engineer, Producer and Voice-Over Artist based in Las Vegas. He was the Program Engineer/Co-Host of Black Circle Radio […]

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