Celebrate the Record Industry’s Rebirth!


The first B2B conference dedicated to the rebirth of the global vinyl manufacturing business is coming back to Detroit Oct. 1-2, 2018 at the Westin Book Cadillac. The entire vinyl value chain – including representatives world’s leading pressing manufacturers, equipment suppliers, record labels, packagers and stereo makers – will compare notes on this astounding industry comeback.

Presented by: Colonial Purchasing Co-op LLC; Record Store Day; and hometown sponsor Third Man Pressing.

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Conference Objectives

  • Celebrate Vinyl as physical media’s shining star in the digital age
  • Deliver to attendees need-to-know info about Vinyl manufacturing challenges and opportunities
  • Reinforce that Vinyl’s rebirth is not a fad, as proven by 10 years of double-digit growth by Record Store Day over the past decade
  • Provide useful state-of-the-art info for mutual interests along the Vinyl supply chain, including retailers, labels, pressing plants, consumable suppliers, packagers, & music brokers
  • Provide networking opportunities for these diverse groups to meet each other and forge new relationships

Who Should Attend

  • Vinyl Manufacturers
  • Vinyl Mastering Service Providers
  • Lacquer Cutting Service Providers
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • CD/DVD Replicators & Duplicators
  • Vinyl Consumables Suppliers
  • Packaging Suppliers – Labeling, Innersleeves, etc.
  • Record Labels
  • Copyrights Holders
  • Music Brokers
  • Turntable Manufacturers and Other Audio Components
  • Music Retailers
  • Printers
  • Vinyl Enthusiasts

What you will get at Making Vinyl?

  • Learn the circumstances leading up to this astounding comeback for a media format that most wrote off as dead and buried as recently as 15 years ago
  • Find out the latest figures on the size of the worldwide market, and why 10 years of continued growth in the digital age demanded that a new manufacturing mindset was needed
  • Meet the new vendors of pressing equipment that provides faster and greener technology than yesteryear’s methods, still in use by facilities that never gave up on the format
  • Hear experts along the Vinyl value chain, starting with PVC pellet suppliers to mastering engineers to factory engineers to packaging designers to record labels and retailers
  • Discover why consumers – from baby boomers who now replace their classic record collections to millennials who think they’re cool – don’t think twice about paying $25 for today’s LPs
  • ‘Making Vinyl’ will also host the ‘Packaging Awards’, the media packaging competition

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