Just like our daily train of thought goes from intense and brooding, to light, lyrical, lapsing, and leaping with enthusiasm, so does my musical taste. From a saxophone solo that battles with a tone generator by Anthony Braxton, or a movie soundtrack played by the great Latin prog/jazz outfit Osibisa or the free flowing fingers of virtuoso Duck Baker, my mood often, if not always dictates my music. Rarely it seems is it the other way around.

Then there is another feeling. One summed up best by a Saturday morning cartoon, “What are we going to do today, Brain? The same thing we try to do everyday, Pinky, TAKE OVER THE WORLD!” That feeling is best expressed by a 1960s, 100 watt Marshall Plexi full-stack with every knob cranked to 11 while playing live in front of thousands of screaming fans who have forgotten their own names. We try to channel that mood daily.
This is Black Circle Radio.

Black Circle Radio is a technological and cultural history lesson for anyone willing to learn about a once enthralling and artistic world, simplified and cast aside by contemporary commercialism. Tune in to the master class of classic rock radio to read between the lines and dig up the dirt that contains the real treasures of a forsaken era- presented on the superior audio transcript- vinyl.

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