I am often asked by people the following question, “Do you really think vinyl is better than digital?” There are so many ways to take this question. Should I answer by talking about digital compression formats vs. analog tape? But what if they bring up digital recordings pressed to vinyl… I don’t want to get in to that. Should I talk about the joy of finding a record while flipping through a crate that I have been wanting for the last year? Nah… because that is a subjective feeling, an emotion I feel, how could they possibly feel what I feel.

Should I ask them if they would rather fight Wolverine or Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix? Nah… that would be an unfair question. The answer would be neither. I’d rather fight Batman because he’s no super hero anyway. I digress.

I think vinyl is better for me. I have records strewn about all over my home studio. It’s a medium to be used, abused, loved, listened to, and put away nicely when you’re done. I can’t do that with digital. Plus, vinyl gives me the excuse to hang with you crazy folks every single Monday. This is the all-vinyl since 2009, Black Circle Radio.

Tension is something I’ve been carrying with me for the last couple of weeks now. It’s in my upper back. Running from one appointment to the next, then realizing you forgot the keys you needed that were in the coat you had on but decided to to take off because, hey, it’s spring.

Last minute could be my middle name. Late would fit as well. It’s tough to play on a teeter-totter by yourself. I’m lucky. I have a partner who has decided that no matter if I step off and let her fall, she’ll stay and play. Even if I were to gain so much weight that she couldn’t come down, she’d still say she was having fun. Well, maybe that’s stretching it, but she wouldn’t leave. I believe if you thought about it, you’d say you’re lucky too.

Now you’re most likely thinking about that special person, place pet, or even thing that you carry with you that you can politely ask to rub your upper back when you get tense. Don’t forget to thank those you hold so close. They can carry a big weight when you feel you’re simply too heavy. Thank you. This is the all-vinyl since 2009, Black Circle Radio.

The first day of spring is here. In our home state of Michigan that means nothing to us. We could very well be swimming in Lake Michigan (and for you Californians listening in, no, you can’t see across that lake), or it’s a strong possibility that tomorrow morning school will be cancelled due to the fact that another snowpocalypse has occurred. It’s something I love about this state. It’s gorgeous, unpredictable, and we have this small endearing accent that seems to make us easy to trust.

Well tonight I’m taking some of that Midwestern charm and playing in to our random, beautiful traits by spinning songs I do not know, off records I haven’t listened to, or have merely giving a one-sided glance. Now don’t get scared, I promise this evenings sonic soundscape will stay polite. I never take chances on unheard records post 1978, or by artists named Frank Zappa. Our Wolverine State does not need any visits from the Federal Communications Commission this week.
This is the all-vinyl since 2009, Black Circle Radio. Happy first day of spring from Muskegon, Michigan.

Just like our daily train of thought goes from intense and brooding, to light, lyrical, lapsing, and leaping with enthusiasm, so does my musical taste. From a saxophone solo that battles with a tone generator by Anthony Braxton, or a movie soundtrack played by the great Latin prog/jazz outfit Osibisa or the free flowing fingers of virtuoso Duck Baker, my mood often, if not always dictates my music. Rarely it seems is it the other way around.

Then there is another feeling. One summed up best by a Saturday morning cartoon, “What are we going to do today, Brain? The same thing we try to do everyday, Pinky, TAKE OVER THE WORLD!” That feeling is best expressed by a 1960s, 100 watt Marshall Plexi full-stack with every knob cranked to 11 while playing live in front of thousands of screaming fans who have forgotten their own names. We try to channel that mood daily.
This is Black Circle Radio.
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