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Like pieces in an electro-mechanical pinball machine, most likely the 1976 table by Bally called, ‘Freedom’, it takes many to play the game. Some parts are the foundation, the legs, others there to make noise when something good happens, some just there to take your money and never give it back. All of these parts and pieces work together so that people can enjoy the game, the challenge. Not too different from a community in my head. Hundreds if not thousands of moving pieces working together to hold one another up to keep working together so people come back to play.

And just like any game, people get mad, swear, hit, tilt, bump, kick, stomp, and cry over the outcome of in this case, a ball in play. Just because the one player is mad doesn’t mean that the machine is unfit for play, it just means it’s difficult, but pretty and flashy, and can really make us feel good when we get a free game or not to brag or anything a Grand Champion score on The Sopranos table at The Foundry Bar and Grill on Laketon Avenue or something. Take what you will out of this monologue, I was just talking about pinball.

It’s Father’s Day so kiss your wife and hug your son like there is no tomorrow because we do live in the ever present now.

The past is frozen in time and can’t be changed so there is no reason to love there.

The future is just a concept so no need in living in a future that may never take place.

It is the here and now where life exists. Enjoy the moment.

Words by Deacon Greg Anderson

The pace at which we have all been forcibly taught to work, react, respond is simply ridiculous. Patience has been replaced with punctuality, and relaxation replaced with repetition. The memory of a time not plagued with now, now, now, faster, faster, faster, perfection, perfection, perfection, bottom line, bottom line, bottom line, are over.

I was alive before the internet. One land line. Friends had to call us because they were long distance. Music too has seemed to me to be in a rush. How fast can I enjoy this? Just saying that bums me out. Tonight I only brought 7 records with me. It’s my hope that these songs, none shorter than 9 minutes force you to be in the moment.

I dare you to listen to this whole program. I dare you to listen for two hours. There will be no test when we’re done.

Thank you all so much for all of the positive love, prayers, and vibes for my mother-in-law. She is recovering well. This is the all-vinyl Black Circle Radio.

I am often asked by people the following question, “Do you really think vinyl is better than digital?” There are so many ways to take this question. Should I answer by talking about digital compression formats vs. analog tape? But what if they bring up digital recordings pressed to vinyl… I don’t want to get in to that. Should I talk about the joy of finding a record while flipping through a crate that I have been wanting for the last year? Nah… because that is a subjective feeling, an emotion I feel, how could they possibly feel what I feel.

Should I ask them if they would rather fight Wolverine or Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix? Nah… that would be an unfair question. The answer would be neither. I’d rather fight Batman because he’s no super hero anyway. I digress.

I think vinyl is better for me. I have records strewn about all over my home studio. It’s a medium to be used, abused, loved, listened to, and put away nicely when you’re done. I can’t do that with digital. Plus, vinyl gives me the excuse to hang with you crazy folks every single Monday. This is the all-vinyl since 2009, Black Circle Radio.

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