Doctor My Eyes

Written by on April 5, 2018

Vinyl is a Multi-Sensory medium. It is a form of music that perfectly coincides with my ADHD. Which is also one of the reasons I prefer turntables that don’t have the auto return tone arm feature. Get up, move the arm, flip the side, get out the GrooveWasher, put it on track 4, sit back down.
You all know the drill. Even the smell of records crushes me at times. You know that thing that everyone’s home smells different, but kinda just like them? That’s exactly how I feel about my record collection. So many different homes and experiences now live under the same roof. I’m so happy people don’t smoke inside anymore.
My goodness. It blows my mind from a touch standpoint that I can feel a record that is disintegrating in my fingers due to water damage that happened 50 years ago, but the record itself sounds simply stellar. This was a good RPM ramble. – Palooza

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