Month: May 2017

The pace at which we have all been forcibly taught to work, react, respond is simply ridiculous. Patience has been replaced with punctuality, and relaxation replaced with repetition. The memory of a time not plagued with now, now, now, faster, faster, faster, perfection, perfection, perfection, bottom line, bottom line, bottom line, are over.

I was alive before the internet. One land line. Friends had to call us because they were long distance. Music too has seemed to me to be in a rush. How fast can I enjoy this? Just saying that bums me out. Tonight I only brought 7 records with me. It’s my hope that these songs, none shorter than 9 minutes force you to be in the moment.

I dare you to listen to this whole program. I dare you to listen for two hours. There will be no test when we’re done.

Thank you all so much for all of the positive love, prayers, and vibes for my mother-in-law. She is recovering well. This is the all-vinyl Black Circle Radio.

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